Donnerstag, März 17, 2011

"sweet gnomes" for Pink Cat Studio Release

Do you remember this post?!  Yay! As you can see the very talented Melissa from Pink Cat Studio asked me to guestdesign for her using these super cute gnomes! From today on you can purchase them at her shop, make sure to have a look at her other images as well! Now, let´s see what I came up with ;-)  
I started by adding acrylic paint to the cardstock. After some time I realized that I had put the back of the card accidently on the wet acrylic paint that was still on my working desk ... d´oh! Then I thought it might look nice if I just add more paint to the backsite (and I honestly love how it turned out!). To make it look a bit more romantic I added some stamps and in the close up you can see that I even added RubOns to the image. 
I am not the only one guestdesigning for PCS today: check out Cheryl´s site as well, she has some really lovely things on her blog!