Donnerstag, April 07, 2011

tutorial: how to ... artsy background

Hi there :-) Recently I had some requests from some of you out there in blogland, asking me how I created the artsy backgrounds like here, here or here. So... I thought I´d share a short tutorial with you ... here you can see my sample: a sweet springlike bookmark  :-)
It´s super easy to make and you have so many options of creating millions of different backgrounds. 
1. You will need some patterned paper (I chose some October Afternoon paper), Punchinella (or this foil thingy that lies on top), acrylic paint, brush, stamps, ink (best would be stazon so it staaaz on the acrylic paint ;-) ), some cardstock, blow-drier (for the impatient ones like me ...) and some kind of card, like an old check card (card-board should be ok as well).
2. I tend to get really messy when I am using acrylic paint so I started putting some paper beneath my workpiece plus you can put paint directly next to your workpiece and then just trash the protection paper :-)
3. add some (let me emphasize this ... SOME! not like I did ... ) paint on your patterned paper and spread it over the paper using the check card. 
4. blow-dry and if you´d like to have more structure this would be the right moment to add more layers!
5. PUNCHINELLA TIME!!! Gee, how I love this stuff! Of course you can use any other material that will create a pattern. By the way: if you add colour to your workpiece like seen above, turn Punchinella around and push it on the paper, this will add the negative pattern on it!
6. Get your stamps out and put the final touch on it ;-) Cut cardstock and paper to the size you need and you are nearly finished! As you can see I couldnt resist adding some doodling *chrchrchr*

et voilà!

PS: check out Christy´s mixed media class where you´ll learn stuff like this!