totem animals ..

Long time ago I learned that my totem animal is the owl. For those who are not familiar with the idea of totem animals, here´s a short definition:

"Not including the totem pole, many Native North American tribes had or have traditions providing every person with nine different animals that will accompany them throughout life. These animals act as guides, surfacing in our lives depending on where we head and what we need at a given moment. One of those animals in particular is said to be your "totem animal;" it is the animal that is with you for life, both in the physical and spiritual world. Many people have a variety of different animal spirits but their "totem animal" is their main guide through life." [source]

So it seemed to be fate that Juliette Crane offered her "how to paint an owl" e-course which I attended during April and May. It took me some time til I got started with my first canvas but as soon as I made my first brush stroke I knew I loved it :)
I am used to creating mixed media backgrounds but I rarely draw on my projects, except my doodling (as you can see here, I tend to use tons of patterned paper in my mixed media creations as well). Maybe I have never been confident enough to just start drawing on my canvas .. anyhow, I fell in love with this new way of expressing myself :) 
Have a great day!

Kommentare :

  1. Janna this is amazing. I love the story behind your creation. I would love to know my totem. This is so inspiring and personal - thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This is gorgeous, Janna! Please do this more often! :)

  3. Dein Totem ist wunderschön und deine Farbauswahl ist *KLASSE*!!

    GLG Doris

  4. beautiful project, Janna! the owl is super cute :)
    xo Felicitas

  5. Wunder-wunderschön - Dein Totem - dein LO - die Eule - EIN Traum!

    Das Fräulein Pilzrausch

    P.S: Wie hast du dein Totem herausgefunden?

  6. @ Frl. Pilzrausch: hier kann man unter anderem anhand einer Übersicht sein Totemtier erfahren (keine Gewährleistung für dir Richtigkeit :) )

  7. I like this canvas, wonderful and wonderful owl. Kisses

  8. Your positivity crackles from your artwork Janna! I love it!

  9. Die ist echt total klasse geworden!!!
    Schade, dass sie woanders abhängt ;)
    Lg Knutselzwerg

  10. Wunderschön ist Deine Eule geworden Süße!
    Bin total begeistert.
    LG Julie

  11. WOW! You are just fabulous! Especially love the colors...


  12. I LOVE THIS!!! What a wonderful mix media piece..
    Those colors are so bright and happy.. You can't help but smile when you see it..

    Hugs, Linda

  13. Oh my gosh I LOOOOVE this! I adore the colors! This is so wonderful. You are a very gifted artist and I admire your works so much. =)

  14. Och ist die Eule schön.
    Hat Sie etwa Deine Augen ;-)

    Viele Grüße

  15. Holy smokes, Janna! This is truly amazing, and I LOVE those rich colors!

  16. This is AMAZING! I love the bold colors and the composition is fantastic. I really like the textures and how you brought the red throughout the whole canvas and tied it all together. GORGEOUS!

  17. Die Eule ist cool! Kräftige Farben mag ich sowieso. Das ganze Bild finde ich einfach nur cool.


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