Dienstag, Mai 10, 2011

totem animals ..

Long time ago I learned that my totem animal is the owl. For those who are not familiar with the idea of totem animals, here´s a short definition:

"Not including the totem pole, many Native North American tribes had or have traditions providing every person with nine different animals that will accompany them throughout life. These animals act as guides, surfacing in our lives depending on where we head and what we need at a given moment. One of those animals in particular is said to be your "totem animal;" it is the animal that is with you for life, both in the physical and spiritual world. Many people have a variety of different animal spirits but their "totem animal" is their main guide through life." [source]

So it seemed to be fate that Juliette Crane offered her "how to paint an owl" e-course which I attended during April and May. It took me some time til I got started with my first canvas but as soon as I made my first brush stroke I knew I loved it :)
I am used to creating mixed media backgrounds but I rarely draw on my projects, except my doodling (as you can see here, I tend to use tons of patterned paper in my mixed media creations as well). Maybe I have never been confident enough to just start drawing on my canvas .. anyhow, I fell in love with this new way of expressing myself :) 
Have a great day!