Mixed Media Tutorial mit Meagan Whelan

Die Blog-Sommerpause ist vorbei und ich freue mich riesig, den August mit einem tollen Mixed Media Tutorial von Meagan Whelan einzuläuten. Meagan betreibt den Blog Four Clover Design, auf dem sie zahlreiche Mixed Media und Scrapbooking Projekte veröffentlicht. Die heutige Anleitung stelle ich euch im Original vor, wer mit dem Englischen Schwierigkeiten hat, findet oben einen Übersetzungsknopf (oder schreibt mir eine Nachricht). Viel Spaß beim Ausprobieren!

Mixed Media Tutorial with Meagan Whelan.
I am absolutely thrilled to be here teaching you a little about incorporating mixed media into your scrapbooking layouts. I hope to give you a few tools that you can use when creating scrapbooking layouts. For those of you reading this who create in art journals and planners I think you absolutely can use these tips there too. How cool would it be to add some dimension and alcohol inks to those planners?! Cards too!

The layout in this tutorial is bright and fun, reflecting the happy photos showcased. I kept it fairly clean and simple to let the embellishments and photos take center stage but had fun with color and textures by incorporating different canvas mediums – acetate, patterned paper and white cardstock – as well as lots of dimension in the actual layout itself by popping layer 2 off layer 1 and adding in the different textured embellishments as well as large and smaller photos that are colored and black and white. Lots of depth here!

I think there are a few important tips to keep in mind to create an eye pleasing layout using Mixed Media techniques.
  1. Leaving whitespace on your layout is important. It’s a place to let your eye rest and it allows the embellishments and photos tell the story.
  2. Create balance with where you place your photos and where and what embellishments you use. Using odd numbers and like colors or complimentary color families will help you be successful in this.
  3. Play with scale. Either play with scale creating an interesting play on scale; large and small photos or embellishments or even your whole layout - or stay within the same scale throughout your layout. 4. Have fun! If you’re not having then step back, stop taking yourself so serious and get back into it with a fun, no pressure attitude. :)
In this tutorial I’ll show you how to add lots of dimension to your page, balance embellishments on the page as well as create interest and play with scale. Join in, grab your inks and let’s have some fun!

Alcohol Inks on Acetate
I didn’t use the blending solution with this particular method. I just simply dripped small amounts starting from the top edge of the acetate, bending the acetate ever so gently to help direct the ink in the direction I wanted it to go. The video below shows the how to.

I used, in this order: cranberry, pink sherbert, butterscotch, mountain rose, lettuce, juniper, eggplant, cloudy blue.

Creating the layout.
I had a 12x12 white piece of Bazzil coconut swirl cardstock from some cutting I did a long time ago with my cameo sitting on my desk. I kept teetering over whether I should keep it or recycle it. I just really liked all the different circle sizes. I decided I should create a layout using the circle cuts to highlight some fun embellishments I’d been hoarding! I also had a large photo I had printed out that I wasn’t too sure what to do with which fit pretty perfectly into the larger circles. Next to that photo on my desk was a sheet of music paper patterned paper by Maggie Holmes. The photo is of my daughter spinning in the living room, both my girls were having a dance party that morning. SO many times my desk has all the answers for the next layout I need to create. :)
Love when that happens!

Here is the video walking you through my process …

In the video I talk about how I plan to go about typing out my journaling for the large bottom right circle. Below are the steps I take when I use my Mac to journal. I use TextEdit which is found under the applications. It’s similar to word but fast and easy to open and start typing in. There is also American Typewriter font already in the app. Open, type your journaling and print on regular printer paper.

Make sure you like the size and how it’ll fit in with your project. If not adjust the font size and reprint. I had to adjust my font from 12 to 10 to fit within the circle.

Once you have the font right, no typo’s and printed on printer paper then you’ll want to take the piece of cardstock and washi tape and tape it over the blurb you printed out. Hold it up to a light source to make sure the printed font with print on the cardstock where you want it. Now print the journaling onto cardstock.

Bringing it all together! I’ve picked out the embellishments I want to incorporate in my layout, keeping with the Alcohol Ink colors I used for the background as well as the photos I’m using.

I want to really play out the dimension on this layout so I plan on sticking these foam pop dots in between layer 1 and layer 2. Be sure to line the layers up as good as you can and slowly work your way around sticking the pop dots in between. You don’t want to adhere any of the embellishments down until you have this step done. If you are using photo corners to adhere your photos make sure you stick them to a top layer not the back layer or they will be funny.

Watch along in the video below to see how I finished up this page!

Heat embossing on wood veneer.
You’ll need a stamp set, wood veneer, versamark, fine or detail embossing powder. This set is an old class kit from a Studio Calico class.

Ink the stamp with versamark ink and stamp on the wood veneer. Be quick to get your powder on since it is wood the ink will soak in the ink faster than normal. A tip to get any powder off easily that may have stuck to the wood where it wasn’t supposed to is to use a fine paint brush. Carefully brush away the excess powder.

Heat the powder being careful not to burn your fingers. I used a pair of craft tweezers to hold my wood veneer.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned some new tips and tricks and techniques!

A little about me
I am a teacher over at Big Picture Classes and a have a fun class called Mixed Media Art & Prints. I grew up in southern Alberta Canada and am an avid creative addict. I`m a mommy to two girls and one schnauzer, Milly 5, Lexi 3 and Gus Gus. Milly has inherited my creative gene. Besides paper crafting, other beloved hobbies of mine include gardening, cooking, baking and photography. I’ve tried reading but my hands stay too still! :)
I’m currently challenging myself with the 100 day project. I started out reading but quickly learned that I better stop hoping for something that’s not going to happen and switched to doodling.

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  1. Wow, so ein tolles Tutorial. Ich bin begeisert. Leider habe ich keine Cameo. Aber die Idee mit den verschiedenen Kreisen und den div. Techniken finde ich so toll.

    1. Meine Cameo habe ich vor einiger Zeit verkauft, da ich sie so gut wie nicht nutzte. Bin ein 'die hard Big Shot Fan' - für das Ausschneiden von Kreisen gibt es ja auch die verstellbaren Kreisschneider (Tchibo hat die manchmal im Sortiment) oder alternativ für Mutige: mit einem Cuttermesser ausschneiden.
      LG Janna

    2. Aus diesem Grund möchte ich mir keine Cameo kaufen. Habe das Gefühl, dass sie bei mir nur rumstehen würde. Die Zeit, kreativ zu sein, verbringe ich lieber mit Machen und nicht mit Einstellen von Geräten.

      Ich liebe meine Cuttlebug und meine Stanzen-Sammlung wächst und wächst.

      Mit dem Cuttermesser? Hahahaha....dann würde ich wohl alles andere als Kreise bekommen.

      LG Nadia

  2. Das LO finde ich richtig schön...

    Danke für die Inspiration...



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